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Marriage for Widowed Blessed Unificationists


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Special note: Though, there is no legal relationship between the BFM and OMS, there is a relationship of trust and heart as we work together towards the fulfilment of God's will.

The nature of the Marriage Blessing is that it is an "eternal marriage" between one man and one woman. The couple will ultimately dwell in the spirit world together. As such, the issue of Blessed widows and widowers remarrying after their spouse ascends is complicated. In light of this, and due to many complications in the spiritual world, the guidelines of receiving a Comfort Blessing has gone through several changes throughout the history of our Movement.

For questions and concerns regarding the Comfort Blessing, please contact the BFM directly via their webiste.

A personal message 

from Anne-Marie


As the originator of the Online Matching System, it is my responsibility to think through all things Matching and Blessing. I do not want to hurt anyone or lead anyone down a wrong path, even inadvertently. Cheon Il Guk Incorporated and the Online Matching System are here to serve an ever-growing group of individuals who seek the Marriage-Blessing of our True Parents.

The group of Blessed widows and widowers is also a growing segment of our Movement; I do not want to forget them or just let them be. Some of our Blessed Children have become orphans. We also have children with only one parent, as well as older ladies and gentlemen who could benefit from companionship.

The Comfort Blessing difficulties come from the fact that the spiritual world is involved, and talking, and making a lot of noise. And, we, on earth, need to sort it all out. Let us bear in mind, that the spiritual world is made up of people just like us—imperfect beings growing towards their perfection. So, our spouses are talking and we are listening. However, blessed widows and blessed widowers have the duty to also speak their mind and argue in their defense for the sake of their sanity, their children, and their spiritual growth. Just like when our spouses were on this earth, we did not always agree on everything and we had to make our points and explain our own views. It is still the same except that one is in the spiritual world and the other is on earth.

Given the history of the Comfort Blessing being open at times in the past, and the possibility that it may become available in the future, OMS has chosen to continue providing a platform available for blessed widows and blessed widowers to connect with and support one another. OMS will not encourage what steps an individual should take. OMS is simply there to provide a venue centered on God and the True Parents.

You are not alone


The BFA has a group for families and friends of the ascended. We encourage you to visit it.

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