Meet Nancy Makoswski





Born in South America, Ecuador, Nancy migrated to USA in 1972. She now lives in Los Angeles, California. Attended Hunter College in New York and part time at Unification Theology Seminary. Received a Bachelor's in Sociology. Joined the Unification Church in New York, in 1976. Her passion has been to teach Divine Principle in English and Spanish since 1979.

Nancy is happily married and Blessed to Don Makowski in 1982 with the 2075 Blessing in Madison Square Garden, NY. They have three sons and one daughter. Two sons are blessed; one grandson four years old a second grandchild is on the way.

Moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2000 to join the rest of her extended family. She is currently working as a translator at Herbalife International.

  1. Teaches the Divine Principle in English and Spanish
  2. Bachelor's in Sociology
  3. Spanish translator